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Company Secretarial Services
Professional company secretarial advice and services for listed and private companies of various jurisdictions, financial results announcement services, acting as Named Company Secretary and Authorized Representative, preparation of directors' disclosure forms, holding of board meetings and shareholders meetings, drafting announcements and circulars, and virtual office.

Professional Translation/Typesetting and Printing Services
Translation and typesetting of financial results announcements and reports, announcements and circulars, and printing services for financial reports and circulars.

Event Management and Financial Public Relations
Financial PR activities, media relations and investor relations in Hong Kong and major cities in the PRC, results announcements services, provision of meeting venue, managing meetings for press conference, shareholders meetings and corporate events.

Professional Valuation Services
Professional valuation and consultation services to private and public listed multinational companies in connection with initial public offerings, public documentation, merger and acquisitions, financing, taxation, liquidation and accounting purposes.

Other Related Services
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