About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality and complete professional share registration solution. We are dedicated to providing flexible, cost effective and customized service. By taking a partnership approach to working with our clients and anticipating their needs, we are able to develop our services of the highest quality that offer the greatest value.

Our History

Union Services and Registrars was formed by a group of experienced company secretarial and share registrar professionals together with various investors.

Union Registrars Limited is an approved share registrar as defined under the Listing Rules of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and also a member of the Federation of Share Registrars Limited.

Our Clients

We are acting as share registrars to a number of Hong Kong listed companies incorporated in various jurisdictions and providing a comprehensive range of high-quality services to listed companies, market practitioners and investors.

Our Bespoke Software

Our solution is supported by our in-house state-of-the art computer system – UNION REGISTRATION SYSTEM (“URS”). URS is tailor-made to suit our clients’ needs and is well equipped with back-up facility.