Registry Services

Registry Services

Initial Public Offering

  • Handling pre-listing registration matters
  • Attending drafting meetings with related professional parties
  • Checking and processing share applications and identifying suspected multiple applications
  • Preparing share allocation formula and conducting balloting for over-subscriptions
  • Preparing share allotment data files for submission to Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (“HKSCC”) for electronic application instructions to HKSCC
  • Providing designated website and enquiry hotline for the public to check results of allocation of shares
  • Dispatching refund cheques and share certificates to applicants
  • Dealing with enquiries from applicants and the investing public
  • Assisting related parties in the role of share registrar throughout the listing process

Registry Management

  • Maintaining up-to-date registers of members
  • Attending to registration of share transfers, removal of shares between local and overseas registers, repurchase/buy back of shares, allotment of new shares and issues of share certificates
  • Producing reports to clients and for statutory filing
  • Reporting on movements in issued securities
  • Attending to registration of legal documents, transmission of shares and requests for changes in the registration particulars of shareholders

Meeting Management

  • Receiving and compiling summary of proxy votes
  • Preparing attendance registers and voting documents
  • Managing shareholders attendance at the meeting venue
  • Preparing customized programmes to suit clients’ polling procedure
  • Acting as scrutineer for the poll vote

Shareholders Communication

  • Distributing financial reports and other corporate communication
  • Maintaining a database of elections made by shareholders for receiving corporate communication in language and format choices
  • Preparing personalized notification letters or emails to shareholders who have chosen or are deemed to have chosen to read corporate communication on websites
  • Addressing investor enquiries and correspondence

Dividend Management

  • Assisting clients to review timetable for dividend payment
  • Drafting and printing dividend warrants and producing data file of dividend payment in the file layout as specified by clients’ paying banks
  • Processing payment of scrip dividend with cash option or cash dividend with scrip option, and processing election forms
  • Distributing cash/scrip dividends to shareholders
  • Assisting clients in reconciling unclaimed dividends and dealing with claims for dividends and replacement issues

New Issues of Shares

  • Attending to allotments of new shares and issues of share certificates for placing of shares, public offer, capitalization issue of shares, consideration issue or share subscription
  • Advising on the procedure for deposit of new placing shares direct to CCASS
  • Attending to issue of new shares and share certificates upon exercise of share options under Share Option Scheme, conversion of registered warrants or convertible securities or bonds/notes

Corporate Actions

  • Attending to open offer, rights issue, bonus issue of shares or issue of registered warrants
  • Managing registry work for cash offer, acquisition or merger or change of domicile
  • Attending to consolidation or sub-division of shares, reduction in capital or other share capital re-organizations
  • Handling distribution in specie of shares
  • Attending to all other corporate actions within the scope of share registrar

eIPO Application

  • Free service – no service fee for using this online service
  • No barrier of location and time - you can submit your application online at any time and at any where during the offer period
  • Convenient payment and refund – through FPS orPPS phone or internet payment service and direct refund (if applicable)
  • Electronic notification – you will receive application acknowledgement, allotment and/or refund notification(s) via email
  • Environmentally friendly – submit your application without any papers